Refurbishment pharma-equipment

Following can be refurbished at Packo Surface Treatment: agitators and mixers, tanks and reactors, fermenters, pumps, filters and strainers, taps and valves, piping and collectors, sterilizers, UV-chambers, funnels, structures of all brands and origin regardless of their age or condition, ...

All operations in-house.

One contact for the entire process from collection to return.

Extensive experience and references in the pharmaceutical industry and fine chemistry.





Repair or modification





TIG-weldingCertified welding

                    Remove surface defaults mechanically




measurement Ra-valueBring up to the correct roughness - Certification of Ra-value

exhaust pipes

                  Remove contaminants chemically


Pharma tanks

Elektrochemical upgrade to FDA EHEDG specs
- equal chrome colour
- micro-deburring
- deblackening
- corrosion resistant
- inert

+ + +  You obtain a device with new-functionality at a fraction of the price.
+ + +  You avoid a long downtime.
+ + +  You avoid unexplained contaminations and product failure.

- Certified welding, also orbital
- Mechanical removal of scratches and surface defects
- Polishing, sanding and polishing
- Bring to correct roughness with certificate
- Rust removal
- Repairing pitting corrosion.
- Derouging without roughness increase
- Chemical removal of contaminants
- Electro Polishing
- Micro-burring
- Deblackening
- All FDA, EHEDG compliant
- Own pharma- transport, both for pickup and return

Please send your requests to marc.quaghebeur@packo.com.

photo 1: Repair or modification
photo 2: Certified welding
photo 3: Remove surface defaults mechanically
photo 4: Bring up to the correct roughness. Certification of Ra-value
photo 5: Remove contaminants chemically
photo 6: Elektrochemical upgrade to FDA - EHEDG specs

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