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In 1974 Packo Surface Treatment started with the electropolishing of Stainless Steel milk machine parts for the UK-based Fullwood milking parlour manufacturer.
The severe circumstances in the milking installation – ammoniac from the animals and chlorine disinfecting products - made SS corrode after a few weeks.
With electropolishing, we could solve the problems of corrosion and cleanability at once.

Immediately Packo Surface Treatment was contacted by several manufacturers of SS equipment, having similar problems of hygiene, corrosion, roughness, cleanability, …

In 1985 Packo Surface Treatment started with the treatment of pharmaceutical reactors and components. Important investments in equipment and technology have been made.

Since 1990, the construction of SS railings, bannisters and the outdoor furniture became very popular all over Europe. Manufacturers were very soon confronted with the corrosion of the SS in outdoor applications – mainly due to sulphur in the air in our highly industrialized environment. So Packo Surface Treatment invested in  large treatment baths to treat bannisters with lengths up to 6000 mm.

Our experience and reputation as a problem solving company led to new developments: Derouging of SS since 1995, Deblackening of SS since 2005, Micro-undulation and Non-Fingerprint finish since 2008, Low Friction finish since 2008, E-polidur hardening since 2010.

The most recent development is a Bacteria Resisting and Avoiding finish. The finish is avoiding the growth of bacterium on SS parts, without being poisonous for humans. This treatment is becoming very popular for hospitals and for other players in the social service sector.

All our treatments are EHEDG and FDA compatible. So they are fit for all food, drink, drug and pharmaceutical applications.

Considering our long experience with numerous niches using SS, our engineers are available for consultancy and advice.

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