- Please send your price request with plan, sketch or photo + dimensions; along with your full business information to or or

- Packo only provides prices by email or fax. You can not get any prices by phone.

- In principle, Packo will treat all parts delivered on our site (stainless steel).
Everything delivered without price demand or without quoting our price quotation, we will invoice after post-calculation.
Everything you provide is considered as ordered.

- Advice:
As a manufacturer, what should you pay particular attention to when having your parts (electro)chemically treated:
The treatments carried out by Packo are mostly immersion processes. Your constructions should therefore be well drained/flushable, or liquid-tight.
Constructions that do not meet these requirements can leak and cause damage afterwards.
Damage caused by these construction faults is entirely the responsibility of the constructor.
Construction recommendation: construction leak-free or with good evacuation of liquids possible.


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