Bacteria resistant finish

To counterwork the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, Packo S.T. offers the amorphization of stainless steel .

The creation of a smooth, closed, "amorphous", cell-free and hydrogen depleted surface strongly inhibits bacterial growth.

Originally, the electrochemical amorphization was developed to avoid microbial corrosion (MIC), to avoid biofilm and the growth of algae .

Amorphization is also perfectly usable in the healthcare in order to reduce the spread of bacteria. Handles, bumpers, furniture, canalization, air conditioning and heating, lab equipment, clean-room equipment, test equipment , ... may undergo the treatments.
All applications where you wish to avoid the bacterial growth can take advantage of amorphization.

Beware: this finish does not contain toxic elements that kill bacteria . So the term anti -bacterial ( = bactericidal ) does not apply for this treatment.

The final finish and treatments are suitable for nutrition and pharma ánd is EHEDG and FDA compliant .

The top coat remains the metal itself and therefore cannot peel off. The operation is therefore permanent.

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