Bead Blasting, Ceramic Blasting, Water Blasting, Wet Blasting, Pearl Blasting

Blasting gives stainless steel a satin grey touch. This can be done with beadsor ceramic blasting.
This procedure is mostly executed in combination with chemical passivation for minimal corrosion resistance or electro-polishing for an optimal corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.


In addition, we also provide all types of "soft blasting", usually according to the principle of wet blasting with a slurry of abrasives and water. (Sometimes also known as various names: pure, fine, viwa, sublimotion, water blasting, wet blasting ...)


Shot Peening

Shot peening is a cold deformation process in which the surface is hammered with small round media (shot). This results in compressive stresses at the surface which increases the resistance.

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