For polymer-industry electro-polishing is a common practice. The smooth electro-polished surfaces prevent depositions and threading of polymers. By electro-polishing, blockages and sedimentation can be prevented in heat exchangers, piping and reactors. Lifetimes of treated installations can increase 10 times compared to non treated installations. Thus reducing shut downs and maintenance costs. In this branch the saying goes that electro-polishing is the art to save on maintenance.
Experienced contractors, information centres and engineering agencies know why they only work with electro-chemical polished and passivated stainless steel surfaces. The treatment cost is futile in comparison with the savings on maintenance and system malfunctions and resolves in higher returns.
In latex and rubber industry, electro-polishing ensures a swift cleaning and prevents blockages.
Mixing and dosing equipment in the chemical industry withstand the aggressive environment much better after electro-polishing

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